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Advancing Modeling and Simulation in Medicine

Modeling and simulation have the potential to revolutionize the medical field. The technology can accelerate product development and the regulatory submission process, increase patient safety, and enhance performance. It balances the need for certainty in device and drug performance while limiting the delay in patient access by using modeling and simulation data and results as valid scientific evidence.

VisualizeMED, powered by ASME, is designed for the medical industry to realize the full potential modeling and simulation can bring, expediting solutions to the industry’s biggest challenges. The VisualizeMED conference is incorporated into the AM Medical Summit program as a track, complementing discussions taking place across the event (and industry).

Harness the Power of Modeling & Simulation

Whether you’re in medical device, dental, pharmaceutical, or bioengineering, gain firsthand knowledge that’s essential to making the technology work for you – including:

  • Accurately designing and testing virtually under various scenarios.
  • Simulate human variability by testing a wide range of variations that may affect performance and safety. 
  • Verify outcomes nearly eliminating the time and significant expense of physical experimentation, rework, and unforeseen failures.
  • Easily collate data to improve device uptime and customize new equipment for the needs of different patients.

These Sessions Provide the Blueprint to Leverage Modeling & Simulation

  • Panel Discussion: Which Tools Should You Use?
  • Panel Discussion: Modeling and Simulation Qualification Approaches
  • Panel Discussion: Personalized and Precise Medicine
  • Panel Discussion: Optimization Strategies
  • Panel Discussion: Demonstrating Value: Getting Buy-in from Management and Users
  • Panel Discussion: What Can Healthcare Learn from Other Sectors Using Visualization Tools?
  • Panel Discussion: What’s Next for Medical Visualization?