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Onsite, Expert-Led Tours

Go behind-the-scenes at leading additive manufacturing and 3D printing facilities, the Mayo Clinic or University of Minnesota, on Tuesday, November 1, 2022! See first-hand how they are building new approaches to patient care and innovating new processes, materials, and designs. Both tours include three stops – see below for what’s included.

*Please note: Tour attendees will be bussed as a group from the convention center. You must have either an All-Access Pass or Tour Pass to participate. To find more in-depth information about each tour, including times, please check the Full Agenda on Tuesday. Tour space is limited, so register early!

Mayo Clinic

3D Anatomic Modeling Laboratories

3D Anatomic Modeling Laboratories

Mayo Clinic has the largest point-of-care additive manufacturing facility in the U.S. The 8,000-square-foot space provides highly accurate 3D-printed anatomic models and surgical guides for Mayo’s surgical specialists. Radiologists and surgeons are teaming up to discover every possible detail about complex cases before the operation. The lab has produced more than 6,000 models and created models that have become the standard of care for multiple uses.

Additive Manufacturing Facility

Division of Engineering Additive Manufacturing Facility

Since 2006, the Division of Engineering has been at the forefront of 3D printing at Mayo Clinic. The Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF) houses a titanium printer, a variety of polymer printers, and a suite of post processing and metrology equipment. The parts manufactured here support development of one-of-a-kind medical devices, laboratory instruments, and a variety of products in service to Mayo Clinic patients.

One Discovery Square

One Discovery Square

Destination Medical Center (DMC) is a 20-year economic development initiative taking place in Rochester, MN, home to the Mayo Clinic. One of Destination Medical Center’s priorities is development within Discovery Square, a 16-block, fully integrated live-work-play innovation district in downtown Rochester, MN. Discovery Square is the economic engine for DMC and is attracting the world’s leading medical practitioners, educators, researchers, and businesses.

University of Minnesota

3D Bioprinting Facility

3D Bioprinting Facility

This facility provides training and assistance with all bioprinting needs including design files, printing, cell culture, hydrogels, biomechanical testing, and post-print monitoring for studies of three-dimensionally printed tissue constructs. Additionally, they synthesize synthetic and natural biomaterials for use as “inks” in bioprinting projects. The tour includes a close-up look at bioprinters, hydrogels, soft tissue biomechanical testing, and bioprinting demonstrations.

Medical Devices Center

Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center (BMDC)

Visiting the BMDC you will be to Innovation Fellows and Undergraduate projects over the years and see how they effectively provided solutions for healthcare. The tour includes a first-hand look at the BMDC mechanical, electrical, 3D printing and VR Labs that support the training of innovators and clinicians. You’ll explore how the BMDC seamlessly integrates with other labs, enabling innovative projects across the University.

Visible Heart Laboratories

Visible Heart® Laboratories

This visit consists of touring the lab facilities, human heart library (with over 800 donated hearts), 3D printing and virtual reality lab, as well as hearing a brief history of cardiovascular innovation at UMN. You’ll hear Visible Heart® methodologies enabling the reanimation of large mammalian hearts under simulated physiologic conditions, including human hearts. You’ll also see 3D printed heart models created utilizing MRI and CT scans from human hearts!