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Program Overview

Collaboration for the Future of Medicine Starts Here

As one of earliest adopters of additive manufacturing and 3D printing, the medical community has seen transformational use cases by leveraging medical imaging for precision medicine and patient-specific applications, exploiting the design freedoms to design innovative devices, and optimizing production efficiencies to create complex structures. From medical devices to point-of-care manufacturing, biofabrication, and dental, the conference program is content-rich with data-driven case studies, interactive panels, and technical sessions, empowering you with 3D innovations and manufacturing solutions for your specific needs.

Curated by our expert Event Advisory Committee, discussions include:

  • Material selection considerations: What type of skin contact is needed? What will be the biocompatibility needed? Will it need to be sterilized? How do colorants and post processing impact final biocompatibility?
  • Regulatory and compliance: What’s the difference between custom and patient-specific devices? Do both need clearance? Are there are their differences between countries? Do the same requirements apply at a manufacturer, dental lab, and hospital?
  • Supply chain and distributed manufacturing: What do future approaches look like? How can you manage qualification and the potential variation within your supply chain? Where is the benefit ratio, when do you do it, when do you not?
  • A speed round of short case studies AND select the best application by voting live at the event.

Conference Topics

Medical Device

Medical Device

  • How can porous and other complex structures be used?
  • How does regulatory compliance impact your 3D printing
  • Medical supply chains and additive manufacturing
Point of care

Point-of-Care (PoC)

  • QMS approaches for point-of-care 3D printing
  • Building a business case for 3D printing
  • Patient impact: Understanding the perspective of those benefiting from 3D printing
Dental Software


  • Current and future of dental applications
  • Selecting polymers for dental applications
  • Understanding regulatory requirements between custom and patient-specific devices


  • Where are the bioprinting applications?
  • Impact of material and design on bioresorbables
  • Managing qualification and variation within the supply chain

Co-Located Conferences

MD&M Minneapolis offers an expertly curated four-track conference, covering the product development cycle from early-stage product development, research, regulations and security considerations, user interface and experience, and digital planning, through design and manufacturing execution.

Included with the AM Medical Summit Conference Pass, the two-day conference brings together medical manufacturers and industry experts to solve challenges in medical technology, including digital health, robotics, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, treatment of cardiovascular disease, and more.

VisualizeMED: Modeling and Simulation in Medicine brings the mechanical engineering community together with the medical industry and practitioners to drive product collaboration with physics-based models in mind.

Included with the AM Medical Summit Conference Pass, VisualizeMED offers a uniquely designed, two-day conference on how and when to leverage modeling and simulation in medicine, including medical device development and drug development. Gain firsthand knowledge that’s essential to making the technology work for you.